Congratulations to the Chicago District, led by Larry Augello, for receiving the CRH Chairman's Award for Safety Excellence. The award was presented to Larry, Allister Kendall, and Steve Whitcomb.
Delivering on our Promise
Safety, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect & Excellence. It's what you should expect from Allied Building Products Corp and its affiliates.
TRI-BUILT AirFlo Ridge Vent Installation
Proper ventilation depends on ensuring you have enough ventilation and a balance system of intake and exhaust vents to allow exceess heat and moisture to escape from the attic.
Installing a Fall Protection System
Rocky Schnaars demonstrates how to properly install a fall protection system on a residential roof.
A safe way to deliver materials.
Showcasing the safety standards Allied Building Products maintains when delivering materials to a job site.
Velux Sun Tunnel
Heavy gauge aluminum VELUX Sun Tunnel. Most installations in under 90 minutes.
CuttingEdge Linebacker Insulation
Insulation containing Preventol to keep insects out.
GAF Timberline HD Shingles Benefits
Rocky Schnaars talks about the benefits of GAF Timberline HD shingles.
Velux Skylight
Add value to your home with a Velux Skylight with argon filled Low e3 glass, complete with everything you need to install in under 30 minutes
GAF Timberline HD Roof Shingles Great Curb Appeal
Ofering great curb appeal with a transferrable lifetime guarantee.
CuttingEdge Shutter
The CuttingEdge shutter is maintenance free and easy to install.
Mastic Ovation Siding by PLY GEM
The Mastic Ovation siding by PLY GEM is wind tested to 195 MPH. Color remains constant throughout the life of the product.
Velux Skylight with Fixed Curb Mounting
Rocky describes the Velux FCM model which comes with five glass options and a 10-year warranty.
FallTech Safety Bucket
The FallTech Safety Bucket is a roofers kit with four components to meet OSHA standards. Anchor plate, 50' drop line, lanyard and harness.
AJC Magnet
The AJC Magnet 24" magnetic nail collector works on all surfaces.
Grip Rite Air Compressor
The Grip Rite Air Compressor offers 59 seconds to full pressure. No downtime. Twin tank. Cast iron fly wheel. Solid wheel.
Rapid Roof Remover
The Rapid Roof Remover slides under shingles and cleans the roof and removes nails.
Tranzporter Platform Hoist
The Tranzporter Platform Hoist is a well built lift. Up to 40' Non-slip platform. Collapsible carriage on the LH2000, lighter and easier to carry to the work site
Jenny Air Compressor
The Jenny Air Compressor is a heavy duty, single stage compressor head with a Honda engine.
Hitachi Blower
The Hitachi Blower is an easy to start commercial two stroke engine with nylon fan.
Qual-craft Basemate Easy Connect
A ladder leveling device providing greater stability.
DeWalt Soft Tool Bag
The DeWalt soft tool bag has plenty of space with rigid rim and internal pockets with shoulder strap.
Tapco Brake
The Tapco Brake is 12-1/2' long with a 19" throat. Handles 0.30 Aluminum and 28 gauge steel. No more adjustments. Maintains bending angle through the entire length of your bend.
Allied Trash Bags
Heavy duty trash bags. 42 gallon, 20 bags to a box.
Duo-Fast Nail Gun
Battery operated cordless roofing gun with soft carrying case. No pneumatic input, no compressor or cords necessary.
Black Rhino 17' Proline Ladder
22' as a straight, and 13' as a step ladder. The ladder is rated up to 300 pounds and has been stress tested up to 1,200 pounds in a laboratory. Also includes a patented triple locking system.
Black Rhino Gloves
The Black Rhino Cut Level 4 Gloves are great for aluminum siding.
Bucket of Safety
Buckey of safety from FallTech including harness, peak plate, lead line, tether and more.
Safety Ladder Rail Extensions
Safety ladder rail extensions to keep you safe.
Roofing Hatchet
Roofing hatchet with fully magnetic head available.
Hitachi 45A Nail Gun Demonstration
Rocky Schnaars demonstrates the Hitachi 45A Nail Gun nail gun and illustrates the anti-slide and anti-wear features, among others.
Leica DISTO D8 Laser Distancemeter
The Leica DISTO D8 Laser Distancemeter is essential for providing accurate material specifications to your suppliers, giving your customer a proper estimate and sharing specific measurements.
Black Rhino Tools
A look at Black Rhino products including their pry bar, caulk gun, hammer and utility knife, which are guaranteed for life.
Ladder Extender Demonstration
Ladder Extender demonsration.
TRI-BUILT EPS Fanfold Insulation
3/8" thick with an R-value of 1.5. Becomes a self-leveling board and air infiltration barrier.
TRI-BUILT Airflo 4' Ridge Vent
The 4' Ridge Vent includes a bug guard and internal baffling to prevent bugs and water from entering the attic. Extemely flexible with nailing holes.
TRI-BUILT Roof Paint
TRI-BUILT Roof Paint features and uses.
EagleView Technology
Rocky Schnaars talks about the benefits of using Eagleview Technologies.
Allied's Safe Rooftop Delivery
The Allied game plan for a safe rooftop delivery.
TRI-BUILT Self-adhering Underlayment
Excellent membrane to place over transitions. Protects from wind blown rain with added protection which is self sealing and self adhering.
Cougar Paws Roofing Shoes
Cougar Paws Shoes provide twice as much tracking and are very comfortable. Includes replaceable sole and high ankle support
Contractor Tool Center
A full offering of tools, safety equipment and accessories for any job available at all Allied Contractor Tool Centers.
A cost-effective flashing cement which can be used in wet environments.
TRI-BUILT ROOF XTender Premium Roof Repair Tape
Water tight, easy to apply adhesive available in white, black and fleece
TRI-BUILT ROOF XTender Cool Roof Coatings
Cool roof coatings available in caulking tube, 3 gallon pail & 5 gallon bucket.
BITU-OX Asphalt Cleaner
A biodegradable asphalt cleaner available in three sizes.